About Us

Aussie Immi & Education Consultancy (AIEC) is dedicated towards providing education consultancy services to South Asian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them. From helping students define their goals to fulfill their chances of obtaining admission, Aussie Immi & Education Consultancy seeks to help students at various stages of admission process. Aussie Immi & Education Consultancy unique method of processing and guiding students to study abroad makes it very simple. Our expert counselors are very well educated, travelled across Asia and enormous international exposure. Our head office is located in Sydney, Australia with branches in Perth, Melbourne and different cities in Bangladesh. AIEC has an expert team of academic consultancy & highly experienced qualified agent within the Migration & Education Industries. We are committed in providing the most comprehensive, effective and efficient immigration and Education services. We offer services in most languages and we are with you at every step, providing innovative solutions to help you through the ever-changing immigration and Education rules, regulations and procedures. We look after your interests and provide the best advice and representation. Our clients can count on our effective counsel and reliable services. We are dedicated to our clients and provide the highest quality legal representation. Our greatest concern is for your satisfaction and success.


Our Team

M. A. Motalib Chowdhury


B.A Honors,Masters of Economics (DU),      CEO, Commerce Bank Securities and Investments Ltd,                                   Former: General Manager, Agrani Bank & Investment Corporation of Bangladesh


M. A. Mannan Chowdhury

Masters of Arts, Dhaka University
Senior Account Officer Costing & Audit Department, Telephone Silpo Songsta ( TSS ), Gazipur, Bangladesh

Engineer M. Altaf Hossain

Chief Executive Officer

B.Sc Engg, DUET, Bangladesh Graduate Certificate in Engg, Sydney Institute, Australia, Qualified Education Agent Counsellor ( QEAC K 162) Justice of Peace NSW, Australia

Engineer Maruf Ahmed

General Manager and Head of R & D

Diploma in Automobile Technology, BSPI 

Dr Shafiqur Rahman


PhD, Macquarie University, Australia,    Vice President, Australian Academy of Business Leadership, NSW, Australia