"After assessing my career profile and education, Aussie Immi &Education Consultancy assured me about the possibility of immigration in Australia. I knew immigration is a long process and requires huge paper works and time. During this time, AIEC provided me necessary information, guidance and support. What I liked most about AIEC is the straight forward answer about the outcome of any application. This gives me the confidence that my application is in the right hand and we are not going to waste our valuable money and time with wrong guidance. 

What I found amazing with AIEC is the arrangement of my state sponsorship with tremendous knowledge and support. This is a point where many of my friends failed to secure their immigration even after the successful VETASSESS assessment with higher IELTS and score. I am grateful to AIEC, and I believe I could not make it to Adelaide, Australia without help of AIEC. I wish all the best to AIEC and it's clients."

Showvonick Datta , Adelaide, Australia


"Migration rules are really complex and dynamic. Before you can grasp the existing laws, a new set of regulations and procedures may be imposed. Therefore you need professional assistance. That’s why I chose AIEC for me and my friends. 

They readily undertook the task of making my Australian dream come true, unlike some other agents who discouraged me and asked if I would like to go to Canada instead. Therefore, I am ever so grateful to AIEC for helping me to obtain an Australian visa.

I can assure you that AIEC can deliver the goods because they know what they are doing. My friends too have migrated through them. That’s why I even submitted my resignation letter to my employer well before the visa letter arrived.


I thank AIEC for their invaluable service and wish them every success in this professional endeavor."

Engineer Maruf Ahmed , Automobile Engineer, Perth, Australia.


Adventurous, knowledgeable, fruitful and exciting these four words describe my experience in cademies Australasia. Exposure to the extremely passionate teachers and students has made me more passionate about realizing my objectives in life. 

I am glad that I approached Aussie Education consultancy well in time. The staff’s takes each and every student very seriously and hold themselves accountable towards every student equally. I would want to thank AIEC from the bottom of my heart, for what I am today. I can vouch for the fact that AIEC has the most motivating, encouraging and supportive counsels. This makes AIEC the best foreign education consultants in Bangladesh.


The team of counselors at AIEC is motivating, helpful and very encouraging. I thank AIEC for their unperturbed guidance and support, even at odd hours.  

Zarif Jawadul Karim, Advanced Diploma of Information Technology, Academies Australasia, Sydney Campus




Zarif Jawadul Karim , Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Academies Australasia, Sydney Campus